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Plus, the taste and stomach irritation are two problems customers have reported.

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Our pill identification tool will display pictures that you can compare.Please Select Less than 10 10 to 15 More than 15 Exercise Level: Please Select less than 4 times a month 1 - 2 times a week 3 or more times a week Age: Please Select 18 - 24 years old 25 - 34 years old 35 - 44 years old 45 - 54 years old 55 - 64 years old 65 - 74 years old 75 years or older Gender: Female Male Zip Code: How much support do you have at home.

Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see companies that stand up for their products with science.Lean Cuisine Disadvantages Lean Cuisine frozen entrees may be high in sodium and not healthy for those on a low sodium diet.

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Reply 6 years 5 months ago Toni I had the same problem but after being sick for a week my stomach shrank and it was the ideal time to start a diet.At the same time you also have the opportunity to adopt a new way of thinking about what you eat.So much better than NutriSystem, both taste, and budget wise.

Check out the flavors and cooking instructions for each product.Patricia (Verified User) I got your Lean Cuisine meatloaf and mash potatoes.Need information about cooking times Molly (Verified User) cooking times for microwaving two spaghetti with meat sauce at one time Reply 4 years 11 months ago.I thought the food was pretty good. true, its not for everyone and its not meant to be long term, just to maybe get you going in the right direction.

We also read more than a hundred reviews for real life experiences.

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You just need to cut back on the microwave time to avoid the problems you noted Reply 6 months 8 days ago Patricia I bought your Lean Cuisine meatloaf meal.There is not a set amount, but try to eat natural foods that do not have alot of.One of the most popular frozen meal lines is Lean Cuisine, made by Stouffers.They have tried the Bistro Chicken with roasted veggies, Southwest, Asian-themed, and Cranberry and Chicken.Anonymous I just bought the baked chicken with stuffing and mashed potatoes.

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Lean Cuisine Reviews Leave a comment or review Product Rating Have you tried this product.So just eating lean cuisine wont make you lose weight though it can be part of an over all weigh loss program.

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Reply 1 year 3 months ago Devon (Editor) Yes, though sometimes not explicitly labeled as having MSG.

I have lost 18lb and 3 inches off my waist my hunger has been diverted and bathroom time is more regular now.I also really like the Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza. you can help them to learn healthy eating habits. BTW.

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I started exercising just 30 minutes fast power walk with a moderate incline on my treadmill.

Unfortunately if you are on a low sodium diet, you may want to stick with cooking for yourself.Fried on can you lose weight eating lean cuisine: No it does not.The entrees must be kept frozen and require a microwave to cook them and may not be convenient for those on the go.Causing Some Side Effects Linda Price (Verified User) Ilove your meals.Reply 2 years 7 months ago Cynthia The Orange Chicken is the one Lean Cuisine dish I eat when I dont feel like cooking.We can imagine your frustration, we agree its a big part of the meal.I believe in Lean Cuisine, and I will continue to make them a part of my diet.

Do you have any knowledge of any of the ingrediants in the meals, that could be causing me such distress.Losing weight can often be challenging, so learning how to lose weight using Lean Cuisine can help you achieve your weight loss goals.